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Ongoing Projects

  • Design, Construction and Completion of The Second Penang Bridge

    The Second Penang Bridge is a project under the cooperative framework between China and Malaysia.


    The project works comprise the design engineering, procurement, construction, testing & commissioning of System Works packages such as Track work System & Power Conductor Rail, Power Distribution, Communications, Lightning & Surge Protection, Signaling & Train Control System including Re-Signalling of existing line, New OCC, New Depot, supply of Equipment for LRV System, new Line Extension at Sentul Timur, Special Arrangement at Interchange Putra Heights Station (Station 13) and Associated Works on Existing Line. The scope undertaken by CHEC is the track work for the mainline, ramp, depot.

  • The Bid for Hong Kong Port Sea Filling Project of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

    The project is the first project of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge carried out within the territory of Hong Kong and is located at the sea area to the northeast of Hong Kong International Airport. An artificial island with an area of 150 hectares will be constructed by means of sea reclamation, where checkpoint inspection facilities and office buildings of related institutions will be built. The project mainly covers construction of an about 6,140m long sea embankment, which is made up of 134 cellular steel sheet pile barrels with diameter of 27m or 31m. More than 19 million m3 of backfilled materials will be used for the project. High-efficiency ground treatment technology will be applied so that earth reaches desired strength within a short time and a solid foundation will be laid for subsequent construction of land buildings on the artificial island.

  • Contract on Phase II Project of Hambantota Port

    This project mainly covers construction of four 100,000DWT container berths, one 100,000DWT oil wharfs and two 30,000 DWT feeder berths, building of 490,000m2 harbor basin shared between Phase II and Phase III projects, one offshore artificial island and 400,000m2 road stockyards.

  • Deep-Water Port EPC Contract in Cameroon

    The construction projects mainly include a breakwater project at the south side of the terminal, one berth for 50,000-tonnage container ships as well as one 40,000-tonnage multi-purpose terminal, with a construction duration of three years.

  • the 2010-2011 Maintenance & Dredging and the U-turn Extension Project for Pakistan Qasim Port

    The project includes two parts, the maintenance and dredging in the channel of Qasim Port, and dredging for the U-turn extension project.

  • The Bid for Port Foundation and Breakwater Construction Project of Doha New Port of Qatar

    The project mainly includes container wharf, general cargo wharf, naval forces wharf, breakwater, etc. As for structural type, the wharf is a gravity type block wharf. The waterline of the wharf is 7,845m long and 6,500m3 of earth and stone will be excavated.

  • Fujairah strategic food reserve project of the United Arab Emirates

    The project is designed to cover design and construction of one grain transportation transfer station (including purchase and installation of ship loaders, ship unloaders, belt conveyers and other equipment), one 50,000-ton temporary silo and one 200,000-ton silo as well as construction of related office buildings, work towers and other auxiliary facilities.


    The main work is an gravity caisson wharf, with 19nr caissons. The biggest caisson is around 2150ton. The yard is 160,942m2. The ancillary services include water supply, fire fighting, drainage, telecom facilities etc. There are 26 buildings including office building, storehouse, water gate, plant, guardhouse, electricity distribution station, sewerage treatment area etc.


    The total length of the 4 lanes highway is 11 km, including one multi-level crossing bridge, one 3.255km long overpass, one road bridge, 10 flyovers, 19 box culverts, 12 pipe culverts.

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