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Signature Projects

  • FAP Grain & Fertilizer Terminal

    The Grain & Fertilizer Terminal is located at QASIM Harbor, Karachi, Pakistan, closely near the QICT international container quay extension works. The project mainly includes 79550m2 grain and fertilizer yards, warehouse and a 300m quay wall, including dredging to -15.6m.

  • Macao International Airport

    Macao International Airport was constructed on an artificial reclaimed island created by CHEC.

  • The Gaojiashan Railway Tunnel

    The Gaojiashan Railway Tunnel of double track Lanzhou-Urumchi Railway starting from DK24+730 to DK37+302,is located in the XIgu Region in Lanzhou city and Yongjing Country with the total length of 12572m.

  • The Fuchuan Railway Tunnel

    The fuchuan tunnel of double track Lanzhou-urumchi railway is located in yongjing country in gansu province with the total of 10469m. starting from DK39+730 to DK50+379,it has one tube and double line with IV surrounding rock 8705m and V surrounding rock 1944m in the body.Most of the tunnel rock is mud rock, with little sandstone on some parts ,and the ground water is corrosive bedrock fissure water.

  • The Bapanxia Yellow River Super Major Railway Bridge

    Located in Yongjing country in Gansu Province,the bridge starts from the exit of the tunnel of double track Lanzhou-urumchi railway to the entrance of xinzhuang tunnels, passing across the yellow river by the continuous girder steel with 4 spans.

  • The Jinjiang Bridge Of The Shanghai-Kunming Railway

    The Jinjiang Bridge of the Newly constructed Railway of Hangzhou-Changsha(Jiangxi)is 8863.02m in length ,and passing through the yangwei town of gaoan city and huibu town in Jiangsu province.

  • The NO.2 Liaojia Super Major Railway Bridge

    The No.2 Liaojia Super Major Bridge of the Newly constructed Railway of Hangzhou-Changsha(Jiangxi Section)HKJK-6 is 6586.96m in length , and the span is 32m.

  • The Second Double Track Lines Of Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway LSX-1 Section Works

    Running through northwest part of China’s Gansu,Qinghai provinces and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region,with a total length of 1776km,the design speed of over 200km/h,the second double track line of the Lan-Xin Raliway as one of the China’s major railway construction projects,is China’s first high-speed railway to be constructed in high-altitude areas.

  • Works of Shangsha-Kunming High-speed Passenger Railway-Jiangxi Segment HKJX-6

    This double-track electrified railway of 2066km,with the design speed of 350km/h and a total investment of over 300 billion RMB.Locating at Gao’an,Yichun City Yushui areas of Jiangxi province,Jiangxi segment HKJX-6,construction of the Engineering works of a new railway between Hangzhou and Changsha Railway Passenger Line of Shanghai-Kunming high-speed passenger railway contracted by China Harbour Engineering Co.,Ltd.

  • Qasim International Container Terminal – Terminal 2

    QICT quay is located in QASIM Port, Karachi, Pakistan, the project mainly includes filling of container yards, construction of quay and berth dredging.

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