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New Projects

  • EPC Contract for JUBA-NIMULE standard gauge railway

    The construction of the railway line starts from south of Juba southward in South Sudan, all the way to the border city Nimule, with overall length of 165km, permanent land occupation of 567.33 hectares.

  • EPC Contract for Maritime Terminal of Moron Petrochemical Complex

    The project mainly covers construction of a new petrochemical wharf with two berths, 800-m trestle, rear processing plant, control system and other related supporting facilities.

  • Bid Section I Project for Outer Breakwater Reinforcement of Oran Port of Algeria

    Consisting of works of the first segment and the third segment, Bid Section I Project for Outer Breakwater Reinforcement of Oran Port of Algeria is 1,540m long in total. The first segment is 1,040m long and the third segment is 500m long with a breakwater head. The project mainly covers dumping and filling kinds of stone of 703,000m3, prefabrication and installation of BCR cubes of 141,000m3.The construction period is 24 months.

  • Contract on Phase I Project of Livestock Wharf of Port Sudan

    It is an F+EPC project, whose contract amount is €70.24 million, approximately equivalent to USD 100 million. The project mainly covers construction of one 20,000DWT wharf berth and a wharf with total length of 241m, including water works, dredging works, some civil engineering works and other supporting facilities.

  • The Bid for Cabello Port New Container Wharf Project of Venezuela

    The Cabello New container Port will be constructed in three phases. The current contract has been executed for Phase I Project, which mainly covers two 70,000DWT container berths, 690m long steel pipe sheet pile gravity-type wharf bank line, container yard with total area of 379,000m2, 736m long breakwater, dredging of harbor basin, loading and unloading equipment, road yard as well as the supporting facilities for water, electricity, communications, automatic control, fire protection, civil engineering facilities and others. Annual handling capacity of the new Phase I container berth project can reach 700,000 TEU.

  • The EPC Contract of the Crude Oil Terminal and Channel Dredging Project in Myanmar

    CHEC will accomplish the project in 26 months. The project includes one 300,000 DWT crude oil terminal, 30KM navigation channel dredging and other supporting facilities.

  • The Business Contract for the New International Airport in Sudan

    The project is the one with the largest contractual value in the history of the Sudan Office, which mainly includes a runway for the landing and take-off of Airbus 380 planes, airline terminals, control towers, connecting taxiways, cargo areas, parking lots, and the maintenance hangar and ancillary facilities.

  • Construction General Contract on Adipala 1X660MW Supercritical Coal-fired Power Station of Indonesia

    On January 6, CHEC signed the Maritime Works Construction General Contract on Adipala 1X660MW Supercritical Coal-fired Power Station of Indonesia. The value of the contract is around USD 102 million, with a construction duration of 30 months.

  • the Bid for Dry Bulk Goods Wharf BOT +EPC Project of Adabiya

    This is the first project won by the Egyptian Branch after its establishment in September 2008, which will positively promote economic and social development of Egypt. By means of the project, CHEC starts its pioneering work of constructing BOT projects in Egypt. This milestone project lays down a solid foundation for CHEC to further expand the infrastructure construction market of Egypt.

  • the Contract for Constructing Two New Berths of Ras Az Zawr Port

    On December 12, Saudi Arabia Office of CHEC and the Ports Authority of Saudi Arabia signed a contract for constructing two new berths of Ras Az Zawr Port, namely the fifth and the sixth berths. The value of the contract is 318.95 million riyals (approximately equivalent to USD 85.05 million). This is a continued project undertaken by CHEC on the basis of satisfactorily completing Ras Az Zawr Port project.

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