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CCCC Won AAA-level in the Credit Rating Evaluation for Contract Foreign Projects Again...
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On December 11, at the fifth plenary session of the 6th Board of Directors of China International Contractors Association, CHEC won the “AAA-level Credit Rating Evaluation for Contract Foreign Projects” issued by China International Contractors Association for the second time in a row, which is valid until December, 2017. Shi Yingtao – CHEC Vice President, on behalf of CHEC, received the certificate and gave a speech themed

“Communication and Discussion on Engineering-related Investment Business Development under New Situation”, which received good response.

This credit rating evaluation is uniformly organized by China International Contractors Association and China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation is invited to make the professional evaluation, mainly based on an enterprise’s basic status, operating condition, financial condition and credit record and so on. The evaluation results are divided into “three classes and nine grades”: Class A, Class B and Class C, under which there are nine levels: AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB, B, CCC, CC and C.

Participating in this credit rating evaluation can help the Company to enhance its credit management level and promote the development of the Company’s business in governmental framework projects and financing assurance. The winning of AAA-level credit rating again shows that CHEC pays much attention to the credit construction as an international enterprise and further enhances the Company’s popularity and reputation.