Achievements & Awards
CHEC Won Several Awards from the Group
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On January 22, the Group's 2019 work conference was held in Beijing, during which the Group commended outstanding enterprises in 2018. CHEC won the "2018 Best Economic Performance Award", "2017 Excellent Enterprise Award" and "2018 Advanced Unit Award for Information Technology Work". Chairman Lin Yichong and President Tang Qiaoqiao of CHEC received the awards on the stage.
In the past year, under the outstanding leadership of the Group, CHEC's leadership led all staff to work harder, strengthened the Party's leadership, improved the platform position, connected the Group's reform, strengthened the industrial guidance, solidly promoted the reform, and made continuous transformation and upgrading, so CHEC maintained a steady and rapid growth in various indicators.
The awards of CHEC represents the Group's full recognition of the company's work in 2018. In 2019, under the leadership of the Group, CHEC will stay true to the original intention, unite sincerely, embrace the reform and shoulder the responsibility, so as to make new and greater contributions to realizing the goal of becoming an "international first-class and happy CHEC" and promoting the overseas practice of "CCCC in Five Main Fields" with a high quality.