CHEC’s First Offshore Wind Power Project Successfully Completed
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Following the successful lifting and installation of the last fan equipment, the first offshore wind power project undertaken by CHEC - Soc Trang Phase I Offshore Wind Power Project in Vietnam was recently and successfully completed.

The total installed capacity of Phase I of the Soc Trang Phase I Offshore Wind Power Project in Vietnam is 30MW. CHEC’s main responsibilities are to transport and lift 10 pieces of 3.0MW fan equipment, construct 10 large-diameter steel pipe high-rise pile cap foundations, and launch other major projects. This project is the first offshore wind power construction project undertaken by CHEC and its breakthrough in the field of new energy in the Vietnamese market. Since the project commencement, the project department has carefully organized and carried out scientific construction, and overcome many adverse factors and difficulties such as bad sea conditions in monsoon periods, the great impact of ebb and flow at the intertidal zone, supply shortages, low construction efficiency, and the impact of the increasingly alarming epidemic in Vietnam. Thus the project department effectively ensured the successful completion of the project as scheduled. Reports show that this project is the first offshore wind power project in Vietnam all of whose fan equipment were installed within this year and will be connected to the grid and generate power before October 30. Hence, CHEC has been highly recognized by the owner in terms of project management, professional construction, project progress, quality and other aspects. The successful completion of the project has also established a good brand image for CHEC to keep delivering a good job in the market of offshore wind power in Vietnam.

In the next step, the project department will fully cooperate with the owners and other parties to complete the preparatory work before the grid connection and power generation, to ensure that the project is connected to the grid to generate power on time. It is expected that the project will play a significant role in promoting local energy conservation and emission reduction, economic and social development, energy structure optimization and ecological and environmental protection after it is put into production.