A BIM Application Result of CHEC Wins the First Achievement Prize of the 12th “Innovation Cup” BIM Competition
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The China Engineering & Consulting Association recently announced the selection result of the 12th “Innovation Cup” Building Information Modeling (BIM) Application Competition. The “BIM Design, Construction and Operation and Maintenance Application of Metro Line 2 Track Engineering and the Maintenance Vehicle Project in Kuala Lumpur”, whose declaration was endorsed by CHEC, stood out from the 1957 effective application projects and won the First Achievement Prize for railway and rail transit. In addition, the “BIM Technology Application of the Velana International Airport Expansion Project in Maldives”, whose declaration involved CHEC, won the Second Achievement Prize designated for engineering construction.

The Metro Line 2 Track Engineering and Maintenance Vehicle Project in Kuala Lumpur involved in the BIM application throughout the full life cycle of the project - “design - construction - operation and maintenance” and its model precision correspondingly reached “LOD200-LOD300/LOD350-LOD500”. The project independently created a library of component family and coding systems for component modeling related to track engineering, and conducted virtual coordination tests for such interfaces as vehicles, civil structure, automatic train protection systems and signal systems. Moreover, it established closed-loop communication and a collaboration process of all key participants through the collaboration management system, and realized the informationization of the management processes, along with design review, progress management, operation and maintenance.

Thanks to the BIM, the Velana International Airport Expansion Project in Maldives carried out in-depth design and integration of the pipeline layout of specialized electromechanical equipment and pipeline models, utilized 3D roaming software to provide an immersive experience of the machine room installation effect, and carried out 4D virtual simulations according to the process logic relation of the construction scheme to visually and interactively display the virtual deduction process of the construction scheme, dynamically check its feasibility and existing problems and optimize the construction equipment and process, making technical disclosures to the on-site technical staff.

Since the issuance of the Implementation Plan for BIM Development of China Harbour Engineering Co., Ltd. in December 2018, relying on key engineering projects, CHEC has actively promoted the application of the BIM in the investment, design, construction, operation and maintenance of its investments and operation projects, EPC projects and housing construction projects. It also keeps promoting the improvement of BIM management in the full life cycle of integrated investment, construction and operation.

During the “14th Five-year Plan” period, CHEC will promote the popularization and application of BIM in its whole industrial chain and value chain, comprehensively improve the digital asset delivery capacity of its construction projects, and help in the digital transformation and upgrading of its business, in accordance with the development positioning of ”platform company + industry leading 2.0”.