Ten Projects of CHEC Win “CCCC High-Quality Engineering Award”
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The Group recently announced the list of projects that won the 2021 “CCCC High-quality Engineering Award”. Ten projects declared by CHEC won this award, including the Tema New Container Terminal Project (Phase I) in Ghana, the Abidjan Port Expansion Project in Cote d'Ivoire, the Gulf of Tiba New Container Terminal Project Dredging ad Back-filling Work in East Timor, the upgrade and reconstruction project of Harad-Hawiya Highway Upgrading and Reconstruction Project in Saudi Arabia, the Jizan Dredging and Reclamation Project in Saudi Arabia, the Colombo Port City Breakwater, the Reclamation and Phase I Infrastructure Project, the Colombo Shangri-La Phase III Shopping Mall and Office Building Project in Sri Lanka, the South Expressway Extension Section IV Project in Sri Lanka, the Shenhua Guohua Java No. 7 2×1050MW Coal-fired Power Generation Project Supporting Wharf and Drainage Facilities in Indonesia, and the Bauxite Export Project (Marine Structure) in Guinea.

The CCCC High-quality Engineering Award is awarded once a year to summarize and publicize the achievements made by units within the Group in engineering quality management. A total of ten projects of CHEC won this award, and the number of awards reached a record high, and fully reflected the Group's recognition of CHEC’s quality management work and the steady improvement of the overall quality level of CHEC’s ongoing projects. CHEC will use this opportunity to gather the consensus of “improving quality and creating quality projects”, strengthen the sense of quality responsibility, build “Safe Centennial Quality Projects”, and promote the development of quality management.