Hong Kong Zhenhua Company Participates in a Series of Remarkable Construction Activities
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In October, autumn breezes cool Hong Kong. From October 25 to October 30, a series of Remarkable Construction activities on the theme “Spirit of the Times Shining over Hong Kong”, co-hosted by the Hong Kong SAR government, the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong SAR and the China State Construction Corporation, were successfully held in Hong Kong. Wang Yan, assistant to the President of CHEC and chairman of Hong Kong Zhenhua, was invited to this event.

In the past five days, the delegation visited eight major livelihood projects built by central enterprises in Hong Kong, and felt the deep concern of the Chinese government for Hong Kong and saw the new picture in Hong Kong drawn in the Remarkable Construction. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and Hong Kong International Airport projects in whose construction CHEC participated were also exhibited. Four famous architectural experts from mainland China visited the university campus and held a campus lecture on “Remarkable Construction – Dreaming of the Future". Moreover, they had cordial talks with Hong Kong students, and the brilliant achievements of Chinese construction earned applause from these students.

On October 29, the visiting delegation visited the site of Hong Kong Integrated Waste Management Facilities Phase I contracted by CHEC. More than ten media reporters went to the artificial island where the project is located, had a close look at the construction site in full swing and witnessed CHEC’s remarkable expertise in land reclamation.

Chen Jian, chief engineer of Hong Kong Zhenhua, informed the media that this is the largest environmental protection bench-marking project under construction in Hong Kong and it innovatively uses public fillers to enclose and fill the artificial island, a reflection of the concept of sustainable development through waste utilization in the construction process. Meanwhile, as Hong Kong’s first offshore artificial island built at a water depth of 12 to 15 meters in the past 30 years, the project team overcame numerous obstacles to link Guangdong and Hong Kong and ensure the maximum improvement of project efficiency provided that construction conditions were met in only one third of the year. After completion, the project will treat 3,000 tons of municipal solid waste per day, solve nearly 30% of Hong Kong’s solid waste problems, and export 480 million KWH of electricity to power 100,000 households. China News Daily and China Daily have made special reports on the project visit.

In the next phase, Hong Kong Zhenhua Company will also participate in the “SOE internship Program”, providing a number of internship positions including engineering, design, business amongst others for Hong Kong youths, so that they can truly appreciate the Chinese construction spirit of overcoming various difficulties, and contribute to solving the profound problems and contradictions in Hong Kong’s development.