Road & Bridge
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Included in projects of the 400 million loan framework, this project is the expansion of the national road corridors and re-construction of the existing municipal road system. By upgrading of the existing road network, the Jamaica national road corridors, mountain road and numerous local roads will be connected into a complete, accessible, fully functional road network. Urban road of this project are mainly in the capital, Kingston, road corridors to be re-constructed are scattered in various regions of the island. The scope include: 1. Widening of prioritised road corridors in Kingston and St Andrew; 2. Periodic maintenance of main and parochial roads to include microsurfacing, asphaltic concrete overlay and double surface dressing of these roads; 3. Reconstruction and realignment of road corridors; 4. Construction of bypass roads; 5. Replacement of single lane and unsafe bridges islandwide; 6.Construction of critical random rubble and gabion retaining walls islandwide; 7. River training and flood control works.