Road & Bridge
Mubarak Al Kabeer Seaport Project (Phase 1 – stage 1) Road, Bridges and Soil Treatment Works, Kuwait
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This project consists of Design, Execution, Completion and Maintenance of: 1) Temporary Steel Bridge and Approaches at the Subbiyah Mainland Side and Boubyan Island Side 2) 1.42km Long Highway Bridge over Khor Al-Subbiyah to Boubyan Island; 3) 4.24km Long Railway Bridge over Khor Al-Subbiyah to connect Boubyan Island to Subbiyah Mainland; and, 4) 28km Long Railway Embankment and Highway Embankment and Combined Embankments. The Highway is to be complete with Rip-Rap, Pavement, Street Lighting, Irrigation, Landscaping, Drainage System and Traffic Facilities.