Complete Plant
The Totally Sealed Tube Rubber-Belt Conveyor with the Length of 4,380m
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To meet the increasing demand of power supply and the country's economic development needs, the Client is planning to increase the capacity of the present thermal power plants by building 2 new thermal power plants(single 330,000kw) based on the existing 4 thermal power plants(single 330,000kw). The main purpose of this project is to reconstruct/expand the existing transportation equipment in storage yard of the coal terminal according to the Client's other reconstruction/expansion projects. The scope of the work is Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of belt conveyor with capacity of 2400t/h and stacker with capacity of 4800t/h, and other accessory equipment such as electrical system, control system, firefighting system, air conditioning system, water supply and drainage system, communication system and de-dusting system. The capacity of the existing coal transportation system shall be improved up to a rated power of 4800 t/H after completion of this project.