Jakarta Real Estate Company Actively Participates in Flood Assistance in Indonesia
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Continuous heavy precipitation in Jakarta, Indonesia, has led to secondary flooding since the early morning of the first day of the New Year in 2020. Within an hour after the rainstorm, the water on the project site was more than 2 meters tall. Consequently, some of the products and equipment of the general contractor, supervisor and subcontractors were lost, all the surrounding roads were closed, more than 100 workers were trapped, and the construction site was seriously affected.

Despite the sudden flood, the project company quickly responded by launching an immediate emergency plan, organizing the general contractor and subcontractors to carry out the rescue operation, and providing emergency humanitarian aid to the locals affected by the disaster. Given that the incident occurred during the festive period in Indonesia, the project company had to actively organize the Chinese staff to quickly carry out the self-rescue operation due to shortage of staff as the local employees were on vacation,  an ineffective rescue organization of the local government and other objective factors. After 16 hours fight based on homemade hovercrafts, all the trapped workers evacuated from the site and were effectively placed at 3am on January 2. Meanwhile the project company also reinforced security, hygiene and disease control, persuasion and coordination of the sales center and office space, to avoid serious secondary disasters.

While actively carrying out production and self-rescue operations, the project company also actively contacted the local government, fully integrated all the rescue resources, and participated in rescuing the trapped victims. By opening the office area to provide convenient conditions for the on-site government rescue teams, providing temporary shelter for the nearby victims as well as water and night lighting for them, the project company actively practiced social responsibility, and collaborated with all sectors of Indonesia to help each other and protect their home.

However, the flood still continues, and estimates reveal that next week, heavy rain and flood will still pose a great threat to the project site. For this reason, all the employees of the project company, with the guidance and help of the headquarters of CHEC, will arrange the follow-up work, minimize the loss, actively respond to the secondary disaster after the flood, quickly resume production and operation, and continue to participate in the local post-disaster relief work, to make due contributions to the friendship between China and Indonesia.