Colombo Port City Launches “Colombo Beautiful Beaches Project”
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January 4 saw the official launch of the “Colombo Beautiful Beaches Project”, which was jointly conceived by the Colombo Port City Project Company and the Chinese Communist Youth League committee of Sri Lanka Regional Company. The launching ceremony got the attention of nearly 50 Chinese and foreign media reporters, and witnessed the presence of the following: officials from various ministries and commissions of the Sri Lankan government, the Environmental Protection Bureau, the Police Station and Coast Guard of Colombo City, as well as a volunteer delegation of over 300 people consisting of Chinese and foreign employees of the Port City Project and local people.

In his speech, Jiang Houliang - Deputy Chief Engineer of CHEC and General Manager of Colombo Port City Project Company said that, “Although Colombo is blessed with beautiful beaches, the trash and waste on the beaches are not only unsightly, but also are harmful to the health of tourists and locals. In order to protect the beautiful beaches, we launched the one-year Colombo Beautiful Beaches Project, which seeks to promote the sustainable development of the city." According to Samaraweera - State Minister of the Ministry of Environment of Sri Lanka, keeping Sri Lanka clean and safe is a policy goal of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, and he thanked the Port City for launching a project to achieve this goal. He emphasised that keeping Sri Lanka clean is a long-term plan that requires close cooperation between all citizens and the government.

The “Colombo Beautiful Beaches Project” is a one-year plan that will require special personnel to clean up the 5km-long beach in the southern suburbs of Colombo running from Wellawatte to Dehiwala and then to Montavia every day. Meanwhile, facilities such as garbage cans and sanitation signs should be reasonably set up at beach-related sites to appeal to the public to maintain the hygiene of beaches throughout the island. The project will significantly boost the popularity of the Port City, build a good corporate social responsibility image of the Port City, and further improve the public's friendly attitude towards the Port City project.