Hong Kong Zhenhua Donates Epidemic Prevention and Control Supplies to the Elderly Living by themselves and Receives a Recognition Award
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Hong Kong Zhenhua held the “Care for the Elderly Living Alone in the Community” and the Epidemic Prevention and Control Supplies Donation Ceremony on July 30. At the event, it donated epidemic prevention and control supplies to the elderly living by themselves through the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (hereinafter referred to as HKFWS) and received a recognition award.

The recent resurge of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, has caused another supply shortage of masks, disinfection supplies and other epidemic prevention and control supplies. Consequently, the elderly living by themselves in the communities are not financially viable to purchase such supplies. To help such ones and respond to the government's call of "Fight against COVID-19 together", the CHEC Volunteer Team and HKFWS jointly organized a care action. A total of 200 epidemic prevention and control kits were donated to the elderly who live by themselves in the district. Masks, alcohol hand rub sanitizer and other items were prepared in each kit.

This action seeks to actively convey reliable information of epidemic prevention and control, look after the disadvantaged groups, and assist the communities to fight the epidemic, which demonstrates CHEC’s social responsibility and portrays a good image.